What's new in Stream Deck 4.9.3?

🆕 Screensaver

Ever wished your Stream Deck could display a custom image when not in use? Your wish is granted with this update! Now, when your Stream Deck goes to sleep, you'll see an image of your choice splashed across the keys.

🆕 Sleep action

You can now put Stream Deck to bed (and launch your screensaver) with a tap of a key.

🆕 Keynote integration

Take your presentations to the next level with these new Keynote actions:

  • Next slide
  • Previous slide
  • First slide
  • Last slide
  • Start/stop

🆕 Powerpoint integration

Control your slides like a boss with these new Powerpoint actions:

  • Next slide
  • Previous slide
  • First slide
  • Last slide
  • Start/stop
  • Open presentation

🛠 General fixes and improvements

  • Fine-tuned the OBS integration for enhanced stability and speed.
  • Implemented some under-the-hood changes to make the Streamlabs integration even better.
  • Tweaked the Twitch integration for added awesomeness.

🔧 New in Stream Deck 4.9.2

  • Improvements for macOS Big Sur.
  • Updated the YouTube integration.

🔧 New in Stream Deck 4.9.3

  • Improve compatibility with Apple M1.
  • Solve an issue when adding a Streamlabs account via YouTube.
  • Improve Chinese localization.

ℹ️ Information regarding customer support and product availability

Many of you have contacted our support team with questions about using your Stream Deck. Rest assured, you will get an answer. These crazy times have caused delays and we're doing our best to reply to all of you. For more information about how COVID-19 is impacting Elgato, please read this message. Thanks for your patience and do stay safe!

Learn more about product availability here.

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